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About Me:

☞As a Google Apps for Education Trainer, Google Apps Certified Administrator, lissacoffey is an international Google Summit featured speaker and global trainer with Apps Events. She is also a Virtual Instructor for NH's Virtual Learning Academy, with M.Ed Technology in Education from Lesley University. She works with school by developing customized approached to deploying and leveraging Google Apps for Education in 'their environment.' For over a decade she has specialized in technology in education and her professional skills focus on creating rich and engaging [student centered] 21st Century Learning Environments that integrate innovative teaching strategies designed for today's digital learners.

Years in Education:


☞ I'm a graduate of the Harvard University in English Literature, Sociology and Diversity Studies. My studies have helped to develop my interests in people, pop culture and social media. I love to travel and see what people all over the world find exciting and interesting. I try to practice yoga and do my own personal, creative writing for my son's website in my spare time.



My Achievements:

☞I loved the studying and learning, and I had nothing to lost and everything to gain, so I applied. At first, I thought it would take about four or five years. In the end, it took me eight years to complete my thesis. This was due to many reasons, including changing universities, applying for funding and the length of time it took to actually do my study. But it was great fun and certainly stimulating, challenging at times, and very satisfying. With any big achievement you have in life, it is part of you for life - no one can take it away.

"My PhD thesis is one of my biggest achievements. Having completed it, many doors and opportunities have opened for me. I'm still working at Ashford & St Peter’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in California, Berkley University, but the diversity of work has changed, my opportunities have increased and my choices and horizons expanded. I love being able to say, ‘I am a nurse with a PhD, a real doctor.’ A PhD takes time, it takes commitment, but if you are lucky to choose your own area of study, as most nurses are, the opportunities available to you are limitless."

Past Accomplishments

☞ During the past two years, I have exposed myself to various research topics on data mining and machine learning under the supervision of Professor Ee-Peng Lim (University_of_Maryland). I have also acquired a lot of important knowledge about research methodologies and methods. Under Professor Lim's guidance, I have worked on several projects on behaviour mining in online social networks. In these projects, I learn not only to identify important research problems that require new solutions, but also to evaluate the proposed solutions using carefully designed experiments. Some of these projects have even drawn upon knowledge from other disciplines including social science, psychology and political science. Through my diligent efforts and active collaboration with others, I have made some early achievements which have given me great satisfaction.

☞ Open Access Publications

i contributed to various Open_Access_Journals

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