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Oad2.jpeg This list is part of the Open Access Directory.


  • Please follow the format of the list in which you are working, and consult the "scope notes" at the top of the list.
  • The OAD does not support graphics on the individual lists. We want to keep the OAD pages easy to load for members of our community with slow internet connections.
  • Spam and abuse, and contributions not in conformity with the editorial policy, will be removed as discovered.
  • If you want to write a narrative article about OA, short or long, OAD is not the place. Consider a peer-reviewed journal, a preprint repository, a blog, or another wiki. The OAD lists identify many options that would welcome your work.
  • A typical contribution to OAD is to add, correct, or update an element to an existing list. For example, you might add a new conference to our list of events, fix a misspelling or dead link for a conference already on the list, move a listed conference to the correct spot in chronological order, or delete an off-topic entry.
  • Users may temporarily delete content, but editors and other users may reverse them. In order to preserve the integrity of the wiki, user accounts do not allow permanent deletions. Appeals over disputed deletions should be made to an editor or (when an editor is involved) to the editorial board.
  • In general, link from words and phrases. Do not use footnotes (although that's popular in Wikipedia) and do not spell out URLs in the text. One temporary exception is our bibliography, where URLs were spelled out in the print edition that we imported to launch the wiki edition.
  • Users may not change the names of existing lists. However, to propose a new name for a list, please email us.
  • To propose a new list, just add it to our list of proposed lists. (This list is open to user edits like any other list.) To move an idea beyond the proposal stage, and open it for community editing, email an editor.
  • OAD will not import or duplicate large databases maintained elsewhere, like the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). We don't want to step on toes or duplicate labor, and we don't have sophisticated database functions. But when relevant lists hosted elsewhere want to move to OAD, we will welcome them. Contact an editor for details.
  • All OAD lists are in English. When necessary, however, individual list items may be in non-English languages, such as the names of conferences.
  • For now, all OAD lists are in wiki format and hosted at this site. But the OAD editors are considering auxiliary lists not in wiki format. To discuss an auxiliary list for OAD, contact an editor.
  • OAD is open access under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Anyone may read, copy, or redistribute its contents without fee, permission, or registration, as long as they credit OAD as the source. If you're not comfortable sharing your contributions under these terms, please don't contribute.


  • Editing privileges at OAD are limited to registered users. We adopt this rule solely to minimize spam and vandalism, and therefore to minimize the mop-up work of editors and other contributors. The accuracy and completeness of our lists depend on the good will of the OA community, and we don't want to tax that good will with time-consuming chores unrelated to direct, useful contributions.
  • Registration requires real names. This too is to minimize spam and vandalism.
  • Contributors who violate the editorial policy more than once may have their accounts suspended without notice. Individuals who post spam or otherwise vandalize the OAD may have their accounts suspended immediately.

Editorial board

  • The editorial board has approved this editorial policy and will revise it as needed. It will also approve new board members as needed, and rule on any controversies that may arise between users and editors.

Log in information

  • To edit the wiki, you must create an account and log in. To do so, use the tab on the top right corner of the Main Page. Users must register under their real names.
  • To change your log in information, please email us.
  • Wiki administrators will use log in information to solve users’ technical problems, such as inability to log in after a password or username change. Private information will be shared only with the user’s agreement or as required by law.
  • Users must allow cookies in order to contribute to the wiki.

Contact us

  • For any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.