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Oad2.jpeg This list is part of the Open Access Directory.

OAD auxiliary lists are approved by the OAD editors but not presented in wiki format and therefore not hosted here at the OAD wiki. The argument for auxiliary lists is that not all lists are suited to the wiki format, and many other formats offer advantages that wikis cannot match.

We're considering the addition of auxiliary lists and haven't yet made a decision. We welcome your feedback.

If we go ahead with auxiliary lists, of course we'd create an OAD-based list of our auxiliary lists. That would help users find them, and help users identify which lists hosted elsewhere, perhaps claiming to be part of OAD, are actually part of OAD.


Here are some of the non-wiki formats we're considering for auxiliary OAD lists.

If we adopt auxiliary lists, we'd welcome suggestions for other promising formats.


As far as possible given the constraints of the alternate format, auxiliary lists should:

  1. conform to the OAD editorial policy
  2. support user contributions or edits
  3. support data export, preferably in some standard format
  4. carry an OAD-editor-approved scope note, the OAD logo, and a link back to the mother ship.
  5. carry a CC-BY license

If a given list or format cannot meet enough of these criteria, the editors will not approve it for inclusion in the OAD.

The OAD editors will review approved auxiliary lists at least once a year to see whether they continue to meet the criteria for approval.