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*[https://twitter.com/eLife_sciences/ elife_sciences]. Twitter feed launched May 2013.
*[https://twitter.com/eLife_sciences/ elife_sciences]. Twitter feed launched May 2013.
*[https://twitter.com/engrXiv Engineering Archive]. Twitter feed launched May 2016. In English and French.
*[https://twitter.com/ESACInitiative ESAC Initiative]. Twitter feed launched January 2015.
*[https://twitter.com/ESACInitiative ESAC Initiative]. Twitter feed launched January 2015.

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Oad2.jpeg This list is part of the Open Access Directory.

  • This is a list of social-media sites focusing on open access. It generally omits sites for individuals, even if most of the posts or messages are about open access.
  • When possible, please indicate when a given site was launched and who manages or moderates it. If a site's primary language is not English, then please indicate what it is.
  • Alphabetical by category, and alphabetical within each category.


  • Communia. Facebook page launched in 2007.
  • EIFL. Facebook page.
  • Open Data. Facebook page. In English and Japanese.
  • OpenGLAM JAPAN. Facebook page (in Japanese). First post added September 2013.
  • PLoS. Facebook page.



  • Open Access. A LinkedIn group launched November 1, 2010 by Abby K.
  • The Open Group. A LinkedIn group launched October 28, 2008, by Carolina Grimm.
  • Sciyo.com. A LinkedIn group launched May 6, 2010, by Drazen Prastalo.
  • SPARC Europe. A LinkedIn group launched August 12, 2010, by Lars B.


  • Academic Commons. Twitter feed moderated by the Columbia University Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, launched February 2011.
  • Altmetric. Twitter feed launched August 2011.
  • ANDS. Twitter feed launched October 2011.
  • AOASG. Twitter feed by Ginny Barbour, launched May 2012.
  • Atmire. Twitter feed launched March 2009.
  • bepress. Twitter feed launched March 2010.
  • BioMed Central. Twitter feed by Dan Caley and Alanna Orpen, launched May 2009.
    • Open Access Africa. Twitter feed related to BioMed Central-sponsored conference, launched May 2011.
  • BMJ_Open. Twitter feed launched August 2010.
  • Coursera. Twitter feed launched August 2011.
  • CyberLeninka. Twitter feed (in Russian and English) launched July 2012.
  • DeepGreen. Twitter feed launched February 2016. In English and German.
  • DM2E. Twitter feed launched March 2012.
  • DOAB. Twitter feed launched February 2012.
  • DOAJ. Twitter feed by Dominic Mitchell, launched December 2012.
  • DPLA. Twitter feed from The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), launched August 2011.
  • Dryad. Twitter feed launched December 2009.
  • edX. Twitter feed launched April 2012.
  • ΕΕΛ/ΛΑΚ. Twitter feed (in Greek and English) launched April 2009.
  • EIFL. Twitter feed launched December 2009.
  • ESA OpenScience. Twitter feed launched August 2013. An Ecological Society of America section devoted to #openscience.
  • FakePLoS. Twitter feed launched February 2012.
  • figshare. Twitter feed launched December 2010.
  • HEFCE. Twitter feed launched February 2009.
  • HSS Open Access. Twitter feed by the College of Humanities and Social Science at the University of Edinburgh, launched May 2013.
  • IDCE. Twitter feed launched August 2010.
  • ILDA. Twitter feed (in Spanish).
  • Jisc. Twitter feed launched January 2009.
  • K | N. Twitter feed by Rebecca Kennison, launched February 2013.
  • Libraccess. Twitter feed moderated by Clement Levallois.
  • LODLAM. Twitter feed launched January 2011.
  • mBio. Twitter feed launched July 2009.
  • MedOANet. Twitter feed launched July 2012.
  • Miami U Open Access. Twitter feed by Scholarly Communication Committee at Miami University Libraries, launched February 2011.
  • NCIS. Twitter feed from the National Coalition of Independent Scholars, launched November 2009.
  • OAAmbassadors. Twitter feed from Max Planck Society Open Access Ambassadors.
  • oa-intact. Twitter feed launched November 2012. In English and German.
  • OA Ísland. Twitter feed (in Icelandic) launched August 2012.
  • OA-Netzwerk. Twitter feed (in German) launched July 2010.
  • oapen-uk. Twitter feed launched September 2011.
  • OARRER. Twitter feed launched January 2013.
  • OI London. Twitter feed associated with the Open Institute, launched May 2013.
  • OKCon. Twitter feed for the 2013 Open Knowledge Conference, launched May 2011.
  • Open Access. (Open Access Netherlands) Twitter feed launched July 2009. In Dutch and English.
  • Open Access. (United Academics Foundation) Twitter feed launched December 2015.
  • Open Access EC. Twitter feed by European Commission Open Access Policy Officers, launched September 2011.
  • Open Access Now. Twitter feed, curated by Andrew Spong, launched January 2010.
  • OPENatVT. Twitter feed by Philip Young at Virginia Tech University Libraries, launched July 2013.
  • opendatacon. Twitter feed for the International Open Data Conference.
  • OpenLibHums. Twitter feed of The Open Library of Humanities, launched January 2013.
  • Open.Michigan. Twitter feed from the University of Michigan, launched April 2008.
  • OpenRepo. Twitter feed launched September 2010.
  • Open Research Exeter. Twitter feed from the University of Exeter Open Access and Data Curation Team, launched January 2012.
  • OpenDOAR. Twitter feed for The Directory of Open Access Repositories, launched June 2012.
  • OSC Harvard. Twitter feed of The Harvard Library Office for Scholarly Communication, launched July 2010.
  • Oxford Open Science. Twitter feed of Open Knowledge affiliated Oxford Open Science regional working group, launched March 2012.
  • Paperity. Twitter feed launched May 2012.
  • PASTEUR40A. Twitter feed from Open Access Policy Alignment Strategies for European Union Research, launched February 2014.
  • PeerJ. Twitter feed launched November 2011.
  • PKP. Twitter feed for the Public Knowledge Project, launched October 2009.
  • PON. Twitter feed launched June 2014. In Polish and English.
  • [1] Project Hydra]. Twitter feed launched January 2014.
  • Publons. Twitter feed launched September 2011.
  • RECODE. Twitter feed launched April 2013.
  • Redalyc. Twitter feed (in Spanish), launched August 2009. Network of Scientific Journals from Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal. System developed by the University of the State of Mexico.
  • Sci Hub. Twitter feed launched September 2011.
  • scielo spain. Twitter feed (in Spanish) from Biblioteca Nacional de Ciencias de la Salad at the Instituto de Salud Carlos III, launched March 2010
  • ScienceOpen. Twitter feed from Tibor Tscheke and Liz Allen, launched March 2013.
  • SHARE. Twitter feed launched in October 2013.
  • SHERPA Services. Twitter feed, from Centre for Research Communications, University of Nottingham, launched March 2010.
  • SocArXiv. Twitter feed launched April 2016.
  • SPARC_Africa. Twitter feed, from the African Chapter of the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition.
  • SSRN. Twitter feed launched March 2009.
  • StrathclydeOA . Twitter feed by the University of Strathclyde OA Team.
  • Ubiquity Press. Twitter feed by Ubiquity Press team, launched December 2010.
  • UFScholComm. Twitter feed from the UF Libraries Scholarly Communications Office launched September 2011, moderated by Christine Fruin.
  • UKCORR. Twitter feed from the UK Council of Research Repositories (UKCoRR), launched March 2011.
  • UKRepNet. Twitter feed launched July 2012.
  • Unglue.it. Twitter feed launched August 2011.
  • Uopen Access. Twitter feed moderated by Utrecht University Library Open Access Journals.
  • VOA3R. Twitter feed for the Virtual Open Access Agriculture & Aquaculture Repository, launched September 2011.
  • VIVO. Twitter feed launched March 2010.
  • Wikidata. Twitter feed launched July 2009.
  • ZENODO. Twitter feed launched March 2013.