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* [http://list.fcforum.net/wws/info/fcforum_info fcforum].  The Free Culture Forum (FCF) from the [http://fcforum.net/ Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access to knowledge].
* [http://list.fcforum.net/wws/info/fcforum_info fcforum].  The Free Culture Forum (FCF) from the [http://fcforum.net/ Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access to knowledge].
* [https://networks.h-net.org/node/73374/announcements/4847835/feeding-elephant-new-forum-scholarly-communications?utm_source=springernature Feeding the elephant]([https://perma.cc/X5NN-DRPQ perma.cc]). Forum on scholarly communications supported by the [https://networks.h-net.org/ Humanities and Social Sciences Online].
* [http://groups.google.com/group/forcnet/ FoRC].  A Google Group from [http://www.force11.org/ Force11].
* [http://groups.google.com/group/forcnet/ FoRC].  A Google Group from [http://www.force11.org/ Force11].

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Oad2.jpeg This list is part of the Open Access Directory.

  • This is a list of discussion forums (mailing lists, listservs, etc.) centered on OA issues or where OA discussions are frequent and welcome. It also includes OA-related networking groups with discussion components. The list does not include Twitter feeds.
  • When possible, indicate whether the forum is moderated and, if so, by whom. If the list is not primarily in English, please indicate the primary language.
  • Alphabetical order.


  • Accès ouvert. Moderated by Christine Berthaud, Jean-Christophe Peyssard, Jean-François Lutz, Marin Dacos, Pierre Mounier. In french.
  • Altmetrics. A Google Group moderated by Jason Priem.


  • Bullied Into Bad Science(perma.cc). Google Groups. The Bullied Into Bad Science campaign is an initiative by early career researchers for early career researchers who aim for a fairer, more open and ethical research and publication environment.


  • CARPET Forum. From the CARPET (Community for Academic Reviewing, Publishing and Editorial Technology) project.


  • DPLA Open Ebooks. Mailing list moderated by Kenny Whitebloom, Rachel Frick, and Michelle Bickert.





  • IP-OA Forum. "Expertenforum für die von der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft geförderte Informationsplattform Open Access." In German.
  • IRtalk. "To discuss, communicate, share information on all open access and institutional repositories related issues in Africa and South Africa."






  • Open Scholarship Initiative(perma.cc). Google Group. A UN-backed global effort to bring together key stakeholders from around the world to discuss the future of scholarly publishing
  • Open Up: Opening Up the Natural History Heritage for Europeana. From EUROPEANA.
  • OUseful.Info (RSS feed). "Trying to find useful things to do with emerging technologies in open education." From Tony Hirst.
  • Ozeprints. On OA archiving developments in Australia. Moderated by Belinda Weaver. To subscribe, send an e-mail to <listserv@library.uq.edu.au> with the message 'subscribe ozeprints' in the body of the message.