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* [http://blog.okfn.org/ Open Knowledge Foundation Weblog] [http://blog.okfn.org/feed/ (RSS feed)].  From Rufus Pollock and others.
* [http://blog.okfn.org/ Open Knowledge Foundation Weblog] [http://blog.okfn.org/feed/ (RSS feed)].  From Rufus Pollock and others.
* [http://www.openlibraryenvironment.org/ole-blog OLE Blog] From [https://www.openlibraryenvironment.org/ The Open Library Environment].
* [http://open-resources-librarian.blogspot.com/ Open Librarian][http://feeds.feedburner.com/OpenResourcesLibrarian/ (RSS feed)]. From Gerry McKiernan.  
* [http://open-resources-librarian.blogspot.com/ Open Librarian][http://feeds.feedburner.com/OpenResourcesLibrarian/ (RSS feed)]. From Gerry McKiernan.  

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Oad2.jpeg This list is part of the Open Access Directory.

  • This is list of blogs which focus largely on open access.
  • Please indicate the blog's author or primary authors. When its primary language is not English, please indicate what it is.
  • Alphabetical.


  • @ccess. "Sharing the results of scientific research." (No RSS feed?) From the @ccess project.
  • Ann's Blog. "My Musings on Open Science and Public Engagement."
  • Annotated AOA "Accessibility and OA Resources – Annotated." From Stewart Baker.



  • Cureus Blog (No RSS feed). Associated with Cureus, the open access medical science journal.




  • Free US ETDs (FUSE). "Promoting Open Access to American graduate research". From Gail Clement.







  • LOCH. Lessons in Open Access Compliance for Higher Education. (RSS Feed). From Dominik Tate, University of Edinburgh.


  • Medimise.com. (No RSS feed.) "Open Access Medical Research and Health News". Anon.


  • NARAtions (RSS feed). "A Blog about Online Public Access to the Records of the U.S. National Archives."


  • OAMPHJ (Open Access Medical and Public Health Journals: links to latest updates) (RSS feed).
  • OASCIR (RSS feed). "Building an Institutional Repository for the University of Khartoum's Faculty of Science." From Pablo de Castro and Rania Baleela.
  • OCW Blog (RSS feed). "Blogging the OpenCourseWare and OER Movements." From Mike Caulfield.
  • OER Research Hub (No RSS Feed). From Patrick McAndrew, Martin Weller, Robert Farrow, and Beck Pitt.
  • Open Folklore (No RSS feed). From the Open Folklore Project, including Julie Bobay and Timothy Lloyd.
  • Openining Scholarship. (RSS feed) "Voices from the South." From Laura Czerniewicz, Eve Gray, Michael Paskevicius, Ed Rybicki, Shihaam Shaikh, and Michelle Willmers.
  • Open-STEPS (No RSS feed?). From Alex Corbi and Margo Thierry.
  • Open Access @ CUNY (RSS feed). "Highlighting open access efforts across the University". From librarians at the City University of New York.
  • Open Scholar C.I.C.. From a group of scholars, editors, and librarians working to improve scholarly evaluation and communication.


  • PLOS ECR Community (Early Career Researcher) (RSS feed) "Diverse perspectives on science and medicine." Edited by Sara Kassabian, Andreas Vilhelmsson, Mary Gearing, and Meredith Wright.



  • Scholar Blog (RSS feed). From the KUBIS Center for Scholarly Communication at the University of Copenhagen. In Danish.
  • Scinoptica (RSS feed). From Ulrich Herb. "Science consulting, open access, scientific publishing, open knowledge & open science." Partially in German language.



  • UJDigispace (RSS feed). "Institutional repository and scholarly communication." (UJ = University of Johannesburg.) From Matizi.
  • Universo Abierto (RSS feed). From Biblioteca de la Facultad de Traducción y Documentación de la Universidad de Salamanca (Spain). In Spanish.
  • Utah Open Textbook Project. "Determining the Cost Effectiveness and Educational Effectiveness of Open Textbooks." From Brigham Young University.


  • VIKAS PSOAR (RSS feed). Pharmaceutical Sciences Open Access Resources: Vikas PSOAR and Vikas PGIAR. From Vikas Anand Saharan, Mahesh Kataria, and Vipin Kukkar.


  • WissPub.net (RSS feed). From Heinz Pampel, Cornelius Puschmann, Nils Windisch, and Robert Forkel. In German.