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Oad2.jpeg This list is part of the Open Access Directory.

  • These are proposals, not lists. Please add new proposals of your own, but don't add list-items as if these proposals were already lists.
  • To move one of these proposals to Lists under development (where it can start to grow) or to the Table of contents (where it is open for editing by all contributors), contact an editor.
  • Also contact an editor to be among the volunteers to help develop a new list in the Lists under development section. Our experience has taught us that a small group of individuals can usually find the best way to structure a list before it is edited by the broader community.
  • If you already maintain a list elsewhere, and would like to move it to OAD, please contact an editor.
  • See the OAD editorial policy for details on the kinds of lists OAD is willing to host.

  • Academic search-engines indexing (nothing but) full-text OA material
  • Countries. Lists of resources and milestones related to open access in sovereign states. For example:
  • Digitization projects (whose results are or will be OA)
  • Grants, scholarships, awards, etc. for OA-related activities
  • OA for theses and dissertations
  • Open infrastructure organisations / projects (e.g. COPIM, SCOSS, Invest In Open)
  • Overlay journals
  • Open data policies
    • Funders with open data policies
    • Institutions / projects with open data policies
    • Journals with open data policies
  • Service providers (consultants, businesses offering OA-related services)
  • Wikidata (OA-related properties, projects, queries, etc.)
  • List of OA topics for which it is desirable to have a Wikipedia article (currently being developed here)