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Oad2.jpeg This list is part of the Open Access Directory.

  • This is a list of jobs for volunteers who would like to help the cause of OA.
  • Don't hesitate to add jobs that you'd like to see others do. If a job requires contacting a person or organization, be sure to include contact info.
  • These jobs do not have to bear on the OAD itself. That was just an easy place for us to start.
  • As these jobs are completed, or partially completed, revise or delete the entries accordingly.

  • Volunteer to take gentle care of a list on the OAD. As we grow in size it would help us if subject specialists would take watch out for content for that would be appropriate for specific lists. As an all-volunteer, crowd-sourced project, the OAD counts on good folks to step up and look out for the quality of our content. For more information, contact the editors.
    • Of course you can enlarge and improve OAD lists at any time, without taking special responsibility for them.
  • Keep the Wikipedia articles about OA accurate and up to date. Many people get their first (and last!) impression of OA from those articles.
    • Make sure that Wikipedia includes articles about all major OA projects, in all disciplines and countries.
    • Make sure that Wikipedia includes biographies for all major leaders of the OA movement. Women leaders are currently under-represented.
    • Link to relevant OAD lists and OATP tag libraries from Wikipedia articles about those aspects of OA.
  • If you are doing research on OA (for example, for a journal article or doctoral dissertation) consider the following.
    • Add your project to the OAD page of research in progress. (Also add other ongoing research projects that you know about.)
    • See the list of ways in which the Open Access Tracking Project (OATP) could help your research, and your research could help the OATP.
    • When you're done and your work is published, or deposited in a repository, tag it for OATP.
  • Systematically update the numbers on the OAD page of OA by the numbers.
    • This list should be a one-stop-shop for the latest figures on the state of OA and its growth. Help make sure that it includes all the numbers users might want. Help make sure that all the numbers on the list are up to date and supported by links to sources.