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Timeline of the open access movement

  • This is a list of landmark events in the history of OA. It started as a non-wiki timeline maintained by Peter Suber, who moved it to OAD in February 2009.
  • Please keep entries brief in order to save space. Whenever possible, link to the projects, policies, or organizations mentioned.
  • Whenever possible, please give year, month, and day for each item. When you know the year, but not the month or day, then list the item at the beginning of the year. When you know the year and month, but not the day, then list the item at the beginning of the month.
  • For reference, the timeline includes a small number of entries on the early history of the internet and world wide web, to show how quickly scholars moved to take advantage of the new medium. The dates for these entries are in a green font.
  • The timeline does not aim to include all OA journals or all OA repositories, only the early pioneers that helped to prove the concepts. It also omits individual books, articles, and speeches, no matter how important.
  • Note that since February 2018, Wikipedia has had its own timeline of the OA movement. It's not as comprehensive as the OAD version, though we wish it success.
    • Ironically, the OAD co-founders originally tried to put the OAD lists into Wikipedia, where they were routinely deleted. After several waves of this, they founded the OAD as a safe alternative.
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For a visual timeline see A brief timeline of Open Access