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  • This is a list of courses about OA, in whole or part.
  • The table can be sorted by course title, the person or institution/organisation that offers the course, language, year or notes.
  • New entries should be annotated with the dates they were taught if known.
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Past courses about OA


  • Open Source, Open Access, Open Education, by Michael Peters. University of Illinois.
    • (No direct link to the course, and no date on the catalog. However, it was listed among "current courses" in March 2009.)


  • Open Access and Scholarly Communication, by Robin Peek. Course Proposal approved by the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College on November 16, 2011. Course number and inital offering pending.
  • Curs Open Data Ambiental. 2017, Col·legi d’Ambientòlegs de Catalunya (COAMB). In-person course in Barcelona, Spain, about open data.

Current courses about OA

Last updated: July 2019.

  • Online-Kurs zu Open Educational Resources (COER18).
    • Goal: overview of OER theory and practice. Aimed at faculty, producers.
    • In German.
    • Instructors: Sandra Schön, Martin Ebner.
    • Offered in 2017, 2018. Based on COER13, 2013.
    • Hosted by iMooX platform; maintained by Graz University of Technology, Austria. "All iMooX learning materials are not only free of charge, but can also be reused."
  • Open Knowledge in Higher Education.
    • "Exploring themes of open knowledge in higher education. An open course module offered through Medium by the University of Manchester," UK.
    • Began in 2015.
  • OpenData Media.
    • Goal: "To get civil society more involved in debates on public policies by better harnessing open data" in Francophone Africa and elsewhere. Aimed at journalists.
    • In French, English.
    • Organized by CFI, part of France Médias Monde.
    • Began in 2016.
  • ASIRA (Access to Scientific Information Resources in Agriculture).
    • Goal: "enhance the visibility, accessibility and usability of agricultural data and science."
    • Aimed at researchers, librarians, students.
    • "Online course for low-income countries delivered by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with Research4Life."
    • Began in 2017.
  • Open Science MOOC.
    • Includes "10 core modules" "designed to help equip students and researchers with the skills they need to excel in a modern research environment."
    • Founded by Jon Tennant of the UK.
    • Development by volunteers began in 2017.
  • Open Science Training Courses.
    • Group of online courses addressing "some of the most common questions you might have about putting open science into practice. Each course takes about 1-2 hours to work."
    • Includes: Best Practices; Data Protection and Ethics; Managing and Sharing Research Data; Open Access Publishing; Open Peer Review (OPR); Open Science and Innovation; OSS and Workflows; Sharing Preprints; What is Open Science?
    • Produced by European project FOSTER.
    • Courses available in English and Spanish.
    • Began in 2018.
  • Transparent and Open Social Science Research.
    • "Explore the drivers of the social science credibility crisis and learn tools to make your own work more open and reproducible."
    • Instructors: Ted Miguel, Fernando Hoces.
    • Developed by Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS), University of California.
    • Hosted online by FutureLearn of the Open University, UK.
    • Began in 2018?