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I hold a Ph. D. (optics and lasers) from Laval University (Quebec City). I'm full professor at Télé-université, part of Université du Québec (Québec public university network).

My traditional field of research is application of information technology, more specifically multimedia and simulation, to science education.

In the past decade, I also grown an interest in intellectual property issues in higher education, which is becoming my main research field. I recently coauthored a book (in French) and a book chapter on the subject. One of my main interests in this field is open access, which was the subject of one of the chapters I wrote for that book.

I regularly give talks about OA and copyright, and contribute to GOAL mailing list. I recently launched a campaign towards OA at Télé-université, which resulted in each of its four departments unanimously adopting a so called immediate-deposite OA mandate.