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  • References in this bibliography are in the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition, humanities style (the author-date system is not used). Entries are alphabetized using the letter-by-letter system. For a brief explanation of this reference style, see Kate Turabian, A Manual for Writers, 7th ed. A brief guide from the Williams College Libraries provides examples of humanities style references.
  • The University of Texas provides a handy guide to coding HTML special characters, such as those with diacritical marks. Three em dashes and a period precede a repeated author entry. For example: ———. "An Article Title." One em dash is used when a dash appears in a title. For example: "An Article Title—Article Subtitle." An em dash is coded as: —.
  • The links in this bibliography worked as of August 2004. If you can update a link, please do so; however, if you cannot update a dead link, please leave it as is.

  1. General Works
  2. Open Access Statements
  3. Copyright Arrangements for Self-Archiving and Use
  4. Open Access Journals
  5. E-Prints
  6. Disciplinary Archives
  7. Institutional Archives and Repositories
  8. Open Archives Initiative and OAI-PMH
  9. Conventional Publisher Perspectives
  10. Government Inquires and Legislation
  11. Open Access Arrangements for Developing Countries
  12. Interviews and Profiles
  13. Economic support for open access
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