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North America

  • Archives
  • Competitive Intelligence & Knowledge Management
  • Education
  • Health
  • Information Technology
  • Law
  • Libraries
    • Academic Libraries
      • Digital Librarian
      • Digital Program & Data Management Librarian (USA)[1]:
        • Requirements: MLS/MLIS degree from an ALA-accredited program; experience with digital library,institutional repository and/or content management software; knowledge of non-MARC metadata applications.
        • Duties: regarding data management, articulates data and informatics issues, encourages conceptual dialogue regarding data and informatics efforts, and advocates for responsible but open access to data.
        • Status: 11-month contract/FT; non-tenure lecturer.
      • Digital Repository Librarian (USA)
      • Institutional Repository Manager (USA)
        • Requirements: MLIS and MA in Educational Technology.
        • Duties: develops and manages institutional repositories; works with data plan management and the archiving of data sets; develops and implements institutional Open Access policy; leads Scholarly Communication Committee; promotes Open Access by educating faculty, staff, and students; and organizes Open Access Week events.
        • Status: FT; tenure-track faculty.
      • Librarian and Intellectual Property Specialist (USA)
        • Requirements: MLIS
      • Manuscript Processor/Digital Collections Assistant (USA)
        • Requirements: MA in Liberal Arts.
        • Duties: processes manuscripts; manages digital collections; develops social media; and employs dominant and emerging technologies to make archive materials and services more open to users.
      • Rights Management Coordinator (USA)
      • Scholarly Communications & Copyright Librarian (USA)[2] :
        • Requirements: MLIS from an ALA-Accredited program or an equivalent combination of education and experience (minimum of 3 years)
        • Duties: provides leadership and instruction regarding open access publishing issues.
        • Status: FT; instructional/faculty.
      • Scholarly Communications Librarian I (USA)[3] :
        • Requirements: MLS/MLIS degree from an ALA accredited program or equivalent; 2 years of experience working with scholarly communications issues, Open Access publishing, or institutional repositories.
        • Duties: provides in-depth guidance on author rights and Open Access publishing and will participate in developing education and outreach on scholarly communication issues for faculty, students, and the community.
        • Status: 12-month contract/FT; tenure-stream faculty member.
      • Scholarly Communications Librarian II (USA)[4] :
        • Requirements: MLS/MLIS degree from an ALA accredited program; academic library experience; knowledge and understanding of scholarly communication and publishing, including open access and copyright.
        • Duties: develops and promotes a scholarly communications program to faculty and library staff; communicates the value of depositing scholarly and creative output into open access sites, locally created digital projects and institutional repositories; explains alternative publishing models and consults on author’s rights; and acts as the Libraries' chief resource on copyright, digital rights management and fair use.
        • Status: FT
      • Web Support Librarian (USA)
    • Research Libraries
    • Special Libraries
      • Art Libraries
      • Corporate Libraries
      • Digital Libraries
      • Engendering Libraries
        • Engineering Liaison Librarian (USA)[5]
          • Requirements: MLS/MLIS degree from an ALA accredited program (or equivalent); academic background in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) discipline.
          • Duties: regarding scholarly communications, educates and informs faculty and graduate students on scholarly communication issues, such as OA initiatives, digital publishing, copyright, and digital curation; promotes and provides assistance in the use of Scholarsphere, Penn State's repository service.
          • Status: FT; entry level
      • Government Libraries
      • Law Libraries
      • Military Libraries
      • Medical Libraries
      • Music Libraries
      • Special Collections Libraries
      • Urban Libraries
  • Museums
    • Curator of Digital Exhibits
  • OA Journals
    • Editor/Editorial Staff
  • OA Publishers
    • Editor/Editorial Staff
    • Publisher (of books and/or journals)
  • Repositories
    • Manager of Institutional Repository
  • Universities
    • Assistant e-Conservator (USA)
    • Director of Scholarly Communications Office
  • Special Projects
    • Manager of Digitization Project

South America


  • Curation Tools & Services Developer (UK)

Middle East


Asia Pacific