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American Academy of Pediatrics

  • Policy for PEDIATRICS

The journal requires that the author choose the 12-month embargo option when submitting the final, peer-reviewed manuscript to PubMed Central.

American Psychological Association Policy change on July 16, 2008

In compliance with [the NIH OA policy], APA will deposit the final peer-reviewed manuscript of NIH-funded research to PMC upon acceptance for publication. The deposit fee of $2,500 per manuscript for 2008 will be billed to the author's university per NIH policy....

American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Deposit the FINAL published paper in PubMed Central, not your author manuscript or galley proofs. Request that PubMed Central honor the journal's 12-month embargo on free access to current content, unless you have paid the author open access fee, in which case your manuscript may be deposited upon publication. Authors are responsible for depositing their own manuscripts.

Duke University Press

  • Previous Policy for Neuro-Oncology

Per submission guidelines for authors, authors are granted the right to post accepted papers on personal or institutional websites and in other open-access repositories.

Health Affairs/Project Hope

You may review and/or download one copy of any article for storage within your personal non-networked computer archive only, and may print a hard copy for personal use, provided all copyright and other proprietary notices are observed. You may not make multiple copies of any one article, modify articles in any way, frame or otherwise display any of the content of this Web site on your own or any other Web site or make any other use of it without prior permission from the Publisher.

John Wiley & Sons

The accepted version is the version that incorporates all amendments made during peer review, but prior to the publisher’s copy-editing and typesetting. This accepted version will be made publicly available 12 months after publication. The NIH mandate applies to all articles based on research that has been wholly or partially funded by the NIH.


As of July 2008, NPG will deposit NIH-funded authors' manuscripts directly to PMC free of charge. Authors will opt-in for the Manuscript Deposition Service during the submission process. The final authors' version of accepted articles will be uploaded to PMC and made available 6 months after publication. (Reviewed for currency 09/15/2010)

PLoS Public Library of Science

  • Policy for PLoS Public Library of Science

See the PLoS statement of April 7, 2008: "The easiest way for researchers to comply with the new law is to publish with PLoS because we have always automatically deposited complete articles in PMC."