Getting started as an OAD contributor

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Thanks for your willingness to help out. Quick summary:
  1. Get an OAD account.
  2. Learn the OAD style.

Getting an OAD account

  • Go to the OAD and click the Request account link in the upper right corner.
    • To prevent spam, only registered users may edit OAD, but registration is free and easy.
    • New accounts must be approved by the editor, who is sometimes traveling. Please understand if this process takes a few days.
    • If you've already registered, then sign in.

Learning the OAD style

  • Look around the OAD. Note that it contains lists, not articles, and that some lists differ substantially from others. Some are long and some are short. Some include fairly extensive annotations on each entry and some include little or no annotation. Some are bullet lists and some are tables.
  • Each list has a scope note at the top, describing what the list is about and what sorts of annotations we hope the entries will include.
    • Please don't change the scope notes on your own. But if you have ideas for changing the scope notes, please contact the editors.
  • When adding or revising an entry in an existing list, follow the style of that list.
    • Look at the scope note at the top to see what annotations, if any, would be desirable.
    • Look at the existing entries. Follow their format, unless they fall short of what the scope note calls for.
    • Put new entries in the right place. Some lists are in alphabetical order, and others are in chronological order.
    • Add links as needed.

Tips and suggestions

  • Help us recruit volunteers to keep OAD current and comprehensive!
    • These could be OA generalists willing to help with any or all lists, or specialists willing to help with particular lists.
  • If you're editing a certain list for a certain purpose, like adding a new entry, don't hesitate to make other improvements while you're there.
    • If an entry has typos, formatting errors, or dead links, please correct them.
    • If an entry is off-topic, please delete it or move it to the appropriate list.
    • If an entry is on-topic but out of place, please put it where it belongs.
    • If an entry doesn't have all the annotations called for in the scope note, or doesn't have useful links, please add some of what's missing.
    • If a passage is inaccurate, out of date, or unclear, please improve it.
  • To propose a new list, just add it to our list of proposed lists. (This list is open to user edits like any other list.) To move an idea beyond the proposal stage, and open it for community editing, email an editor.