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  • This is a list of materials for teaching, explaining or marketing open access. One purpose is to identify materials that individuals can mine for ideas for their own presentations about open access (with attribution to the original authors of course). So please don't add any materials to the list that you aren't willing to share.
  • Please indicate file formats so that users can judge whether items can be edited or mashed up. When making your own materials, please use editable formats (HTML, Word, ODF, PPT) instead of non-editable PDF whenever possible!
  • Adding information to the OAD is easy. See our help section and contact us if you still have questions.

Open Access Day (2008)

Open Access Week Programming Guides (2009)


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  • Open Access and Free Journals in OutLook OnLine Links to 5 shareable learning objects on how to find open access and free journals from a provincial union database. Links to free MARC records for over 5,000 open access and free journals.