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Dr Nick Bearman is a Chartered Geographer (GIS), Fellow of Royal Geographical Society (RGS) and Associate Member of Higher Education Authority, with 9 years’ experience. He has advanced knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), working with many sources and types of spatial and non-spatial data, including big data.

Nick has taught GIS to a wide range of students across many subject areas including Geography, International Development and Public Health. The courses range from day courses to two week residential courses, for users from undergraduate students with no GIS experience to advanced spatial analysis, designed to give the students the best set of skills for the work they need to do.

He uses QGIS, R/RStudio and ArcGIS and has used these with a range of programming and APIs including Google Maps API, JavaScript, MySQL/PHP, R, Python, PostGreSQL and GeoDa. Nick has been using GIS products and applying them in a variety of contexts for 13 years.