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I graduated from Oberlin College in 1991 but am listed with my class-year of 1969. I dropped out of college in 1968 to get into the world of computers. I'm been online-from-home since 1969. My career has a broad scope but one over-arching theme: End-user access to computers and information. I had a small role in the advancement of SCRUM having made use of its principles on enterprise software development on mainframes in t the 1980s and then putting two of leading practitioners the world of SCRUM, Jeff Sutherland and Jeff McKenna, together on the same team at Easel, Corporation in 1994. In the 90s I was president and chief operating office of Silverplatter Information, my first involvement with libraries and scholarly publishing. In 2002-3 I worked at the Kennedy School of Government for Jerry Mechling on executive education on e-government. From 2003 to 2014 I helped lead Credo Reference, first as CEO, then upon reaching cash-flow positive, as President and Senior Publisher. Since 2015 I've been an advocate for Open Access participating in such venues as the SPARC Innovation Conference, COASPA, OSI-16 and -17, and SSP (2017). I serve on NISO's "Discovery to Delivery" Topic Committee, and I've attended three Wikimania's, speaking at two of them, arriving at each one by motorcycle (Cambridge, MA; Washington D.C.; and Gdansk, Poland). I'm a frequent speaker each year at the Charleston Conference ever since 2005.