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Born in Samsun in 1973, Mr. Kadioglu studied Economics at Bilkent University with a full scholarship, since he ranked in top 200 among 1 million nominee in the university entrance examination in 1991. He graduated from Bilkent University in 1997 with honor degree. He get master of science degree in Economics from Hacettepe University in 2006 and master of science degree in Banking and Finance from University of Leeds in 2008. Dr. Kadioglu finished PhD in Accounting and Finance program of Baskent University in 2014 where he started to study in 2010. He taught Portfolio Management and Investment Analysis course in masters programs of Altinbas University in 2016 and he has started to teach finance and financial economics courses at Banking and Finance Department of Baskent University since 2017 Fall Semester.

He started to his career studying in Banking School of Ziraat Bank in 1998, and till 2001 he worked Treasury Department of Ziraat Bank. Between 2001 and 2016, Dr. Kadioglu worked as an Assistant Auditor, Auditor and Senior Auditor at the Capital Markets Board of Turkey. During this time he worked as an Interim Expert for the Presidency State Audit Board and he was appointed 3 times and totally for the 18 months as an internal auditor of Capital Markets Board of Turkey. Since the beginning of the 2017, Mr. Kadioglu has been working at Investor Compensation Center of Turkey, and he is currently head of finance and accounting department.

Dr. Kadioglu published many papers in national and international journals and conferences in the field of finance and financial economics. He is also editorial board member of three Econlit/Repec indexed journals which are publishing in US and Canada.

He holds Turkish CFA III, Certified Public Accountant and Independent Audit certifications in Turkey.