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  • Grist On-line. WorldCat. “Network Journal of Language Arts.” Pattern: 1993: 3 issues; 1994: 2 issues; 1995: 2 issues; 1996: 1 issue. Ceased July 30, 2002—but I was unable to reach any content later than 1996. Listed as an “oddity” because it apparently existed in some non-journal form between 1997 and 2002—but I find no trace of that existence. Full archive for the eight issues from 1993 through 1996.
  • InterJournal. DOAJ. Pattern: in early 2000, 225 accepted items on Web site, dates on individual articles. In early 2001: 620 manuscripts, of which 328 are supposed to be final. Divided into three parts: CX: Complex systems (318), PX: Polymer and Complex Fluids (20), BG: Genetics (2). Status in 2006: While the site is live, it mostly hangs. Other than a note about “server migration” in 2005, the status of this publication is vague. Unable to verify existence of archive in 2006.
  • RhetNet. WorldCat. Tiny amount of odd material on Web site; appears to be wholly inactive since mid-1997. As of 2006, the archives only partly work.