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I thought I'd drop some notes on this subject to the OAD community to see what comes of it. -- Kanzure 14:11, 5 May 2008 (EDT)

The metarepository project is an attempt to integrate the components that make open access repositories and debian (or gentoo, redhat, etc.) software repos, successful. Namely, the debian infrastructure is under considerable load [1]. The idea here is to go slightly beyond only the open access proliferation of papers, but also of the projects under the hood -- to actually distribute the projects as if software packages, via git repositories. Granted, the semantic web has not matured to the point where a researcher can immediately point out a set of standards for the digital representation of the project, but numerous papers are already based on common, standardized simulations. The trick now is to aggregate all of this data together in an open access manner. Not just open access PDFs -- but open access 'science' (projects, experiments, research, engineering) at its finest.

Where on this site would this suggestion go? (TODO)