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This is a short collection of wiki markup tricks that have been useful for OAD users.

For a full handbook of wiki markup, see the Wikimedia Foundation's guide.


A page title enclosed in double brackets will link to that page on the OAD. An external URL followed by text and enclosed in single brackets will create a link with that text to that URL.

To link to an internal OAD page with text other than the page title, enclose in double brackets the page title, followed by a pipe, followed by the link text.

For example, the link to the main page at the top of every list should look as follows:

[[Main Page | Open Access Directory]]

The result: Open Access Directory


If another website links to an incorrectly titled OAD list, you can make the broken link automatically redirect users to the correct one. Go to the incorrect URL and create a page with the following text:

#REDIRECT [[Correct list name]]

For example, the full text of the page OA journal fund, which automatically takes viewers to the list OA journal funds, is:

#REDIRECT [[OA journal funds]]