Getting started as an OAD contributor

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Thanks for your willingness to help out. Quick summary:
  1. Get an OAD account.
  2. Learn the OAD style.

Getting an OAD account

  1. Go to the Harvard instance of TagTeam and click the Sign in link in the upper right corner. Or go directly to the Sign up page.
  2. Fill out the form.
    • Note that the Harvard instance of TagTeam is limited to academic or research projects. Use the form to give a brief description of your project. If you want to tag for OATP, just say that.
    • Click the green Sign up button (not the blue Log in button).
Once you have an account in TagTeam, you may create new hubs (projects), tag for those hubs, and authorize others to tag for them as well. To tag for an existing hub, like OATP, you'll need the permission of the hub owner, which you can request through the "Contact" tab on that hub. (See next).

Learning the OAD style

  1. Log in to TagTeam, and go to the OATP hub.
  2. Click on the Contact tab in the left sidebar. Fill in the form, for example, by asking for permission to tag for OATP. Click Submit.
  3. The OATP hub owner will receive the message and approve you when it arrives.
When you get this far, you'll be authorized to tag for OATP. The next few sections are about how to do that.

Tips and suggestions