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Oad2.jpeg This list is part of the Open Access Directory.

Here are some of the lists we're considering for future launch.

  • Free and open-source repository software
  • Free and open-source journal management software
  • Guides for OA journal publishers
  • Publishers of full OA journals
  • Publishers of hybrid OA journals
  • Publishers of OA monographs and textbooks
  • OA journal business models
  • OA speakers bureau (by discipline and nation)
  • OA research in progress (e.g. articles, books dissertations) (researchers post their topics and contact info)
  • OA research questions (post questions you want researched; help grad students find research topics)
  • OA by the numbers (Peter once tried this on Wikipedia, but users who think it doesn't belong there have repeatedly deleted it and forced it to break into small parts.)
  • Other OA-related wikis