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Oad2.jpeg This list is part of the Open Access Directory.

This list is still under development. Every part of it may change before the official launch, including its title, URL, and method of organization.

  • This list contains specific job types found in Open Access. Due to the fluid nature of Open Access, this list can’t hope to be all inclusive.
  • Many of examples listed are no longer open. The links are provided as examples and may not reflect current listings. If the link leads to an error page, the link is red. It’s still included here to provide further examples of job types.
  • Contributors should add jobs as they see fit, and, if there is no description already available, contributors should create a description for the job.
  • This list is arranged alphabetically with a note of the types of institutions typically hiring for that type of job. Sections are not used because of the overlap of so many jobs would lead to a lot of duplicate entries. Additionally, any required degrees and whether it is a part or full-time position.
  • Related lists in OAD: Jobs in open access. NOTE: it’s no longer actively maintained but includes good examples of job ads that have been used to fill Open Access positions

  • Questions before launch
    • Should we organize these by institution? For example, Libraries, Museums, Publishers, Universities .... Makes sense, but in that case how list positions that could occur at any of the above (e.g. manager of a digitization project)?

  • Curator of digital exhibits for a museum
  • Digital librarian
  • Director of the scholarly communications office at a university
  • Editor (or editorial staff) at an OA journal or OA publisher
  • Manager of a digitization project
  • Manager of the institutional repository at a university
  • OA publisher (of books and/or journals)
  • Scholarly communications librarian
  • Curation Tools and Services Developer (UK)