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Oad2.jpeg This list is part of the Open Access Directory.

This list is still under development. Every part of it may change before the official launch, including its title, URL, and method of organization.

  • This is a list of careers involving OA. It's not a list of job ads for specific vacancies, but a list of kinds of jobs involving OA.
  • Please annotate to indicate what sort of education the position typically requires, whether the position is typically full- or part-time, and what titles are used for the position. If a position only involves OA some of the time, include it with an annotation rather than exclude it.
    • Although this is not a list of job ads, links to sample ads can be useful annotations to these positions.
  • Alphabetical by title (understanding that some positions are commonly described by many different titles).
  • Questions before launch
    • Should we organize these by institution? For example, Libraries, Museums, Publishers, Universities .... Makes sense, but in that case how list positions that could occur at any of the above (e.g. manager of a digitization project)?

  • Curator of digital exhibits for a museum
  • Digital librarian
  • Director of the scholarly communications office at a university
  • Editor (or editorial staff) at an OA journal or OA publisher
  • Manager of a digitization project
  • Manager of the institutional repository at a university
  • OA publisher (of books and/or journals)
  • Scholarly communications librarian
  • Curation Tools and Services Developer (UK)