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Lawrence 2001
  • Lawrence, Steve. “Free online availability substantially increases a paper's impact”. Nature 411, 521 (31 May 2001)
  • Lawrence, S. 2001. Online or invisible. Nature, 411:521.

Antelman 2004

Harnard 2004
  • Harnard, S. et al. 2004. The access/impact problem and the green and gold roads to open access. Serials Review, 20:310–4.

Kurtz 2005
  • Kurtz, M., Eichhorn, G., Accomazzi, A., Grant, C., Demleitner, M., Henneken, E. and Murray, S. 2005. The effect of use and access on citations. Information Processing and Management, 41:1395–402.

Eysenbach 2006

Craig 2007
  • Craig, I., Plume, A., McVeigh, M., Pringle, J. and Amin, M. 2007. Do open access article have greater citation impact? A critical review of the literature. Journal of Informatics, 1:239–48.

Frandsen 2009

Evans / Reimer 2009
  • 2009 Evans / Reimer, Science, Feb. 20, 2009