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Oad2.jpeg This list is part of the Open Access Directory.

  • This list is still under development. Every part of it may change before the official launch, including its title, URL, and method of organization.
  • This list includes significant university initiatives to support open access or oppose high journal prices, inflexible bundling arrangements, or oppressive licensing terms. It includes policies, projects, resolutions, statements, recommendations, plans, and (large-scale) cancellations.
  • We quote substantial excerpts from public statements, when we can, because we know it is difficult to read them all separately and pull together their notable elements.
  • We only list each university once, and include subsequent actions and related news stories in the same entry. In the case of the University of California, since many of the separate campuses acted before the system acted, we list them separately. In the case of the four university members of the Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN), we list them under the entry for the TRLN.
  • Alphabetical by university.