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Oad2.jpeg This list is part of the Open Access Directory.

  • This is a list of online services to help repository managers share experiences, ideas, tips, solutions, and best practices.

  • AuseAccess wiki. Launched by Arthur Sale. For repository managers in the Australasian region.
  • CORE. An worldwide aggregation service.
  • Discussion lists:
    • DSpace-General. From DSpace. Discussions about non-technical aspects of building and running a DSpace repository.
    • REPOMAN-L. A list for repository managers.
  • DRIVER Wiki. From DRIVER (Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research). DRIVER also hosts the Mentor program.
  • From JISC:
    • Repositories Support Project.
      • Also see RSP's repository manager buddying scheme.
      • Also see the RSP wiki, for example, its list of "objections or issues that are commonly raised with respect to depositing publications in institutional repositories [along with] some possible arguments for overcoming these objections."
    • Digital Repositories InfoKit. Launched February 2010.
    • JISCrte project. "The JISC Repositories: take-up and embedding projects (#JISCrte) aim to improve institutional services that rely on the repository by enabling take-up of the lessons and benefits from the most successful repository applications, tools and good practice."