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  • Resolution on Open Access adopted by the Faculty Senate on April 25, 2005.
  • Summary: "'The Faculty Senate urges the University and its members to
  1. Support Open Access publishing in their educational, research, editorial, and administrative roles by encouraging their professional societies to move toward Open Access publishing, aiding in forming and providing editorial assistance to peer-reviewed Open Access journals, and favoring such journals when submitting their own research;
  2. Encourage the University's libraries to reallocate resources away from high-priced publishers;
  3. Support the consideration of peer-reviewed Open Access material during the promotion and tenure process;
  4. Post their work prior to publication in an open digital archive and seek to retain particular copyright rights enabling them to post their published work in a timely fashion and provide institutional support to those seeking to do so; and
  5. Establish infrastructure to sustain digital Open Access publication."