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Oad2.jpeg This list is part of the Open Access Directory.

  • Registering with OAD
To reduce spam and vandalism, editing privileges at OAD are limited to registered users. But registration is free and easy. To create an account or log in, use the tab on the top right corner of the Main Page. You must also set your computer to allow cookies.
To change your log in information, please email us.
OAD administrators will use your log in information only to solve technical problems, such as inability to log in after you've changed your password or username. We will only share private information with your permission or as required by law.
  • Getting started
If you haven't edited a wiki before, these tutorials and instructions may help:
  • Scope of the OAD
OAD consists of simple factual lists about open access to science and scholarship. It does not include articles, narratives, opinions, or graphics. For more detail, see our editorial policy.
  • Searching the OAD
To search the OAD, use the search box in the lefthand sidebar.
  • Contact us
For any questions, please see our FAQ. If this doesn't answer your questions, please do not hesitate to email us.


  • Why was my article removed from OAD?
OAD only includes factual lists, not articles, narratives, or opinions. For more details, see the editorial policy.
  • How can I suggest a new list for OAD?
If you wish to propose a new list for OAD, just add it to our list of proposed lists. To move an idea from the proposal stage to reality, or move an existing list from another site to OAD, please email one of our editors.
  • Will OAD editors control my content?
Our goal is for the OA community itself to enlarge and correct the lists with little intervention from our editors or editorial board. The OAD editors and editorial board will only ensure that the content complies with the editorial policy.
  • Can I upload images and other documents?
The OAD does not include an upload feature because we focus on simple factual lists and want to maintain ‘light’ web pages that can be accessed even by users with very slow internet connections.
  • Why couldn't I edit an OAD page?
Editing privileges are limited to registered users. See the editorial policy.
Users may only edit pages with an ‘Edit’ tab. Pages without an ‘Edit’ tab may be edited only by administrators.
OAD uses the same wiki software as Wikipedia. For editing instructions, therefore, see the instructions at Wikipedia.