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Oad2.jpeg This list is part of the Open Access Directory.

This list is still under development. Every part of it may change before the official launch, including its title, URL, and method of organization.

  • This list contains specific job types found in Open Access. Due to the fluid nature of Open Access, this list can’t hope to be all inclusive.
  • Many of examples listed are no longer open. The links are provided as examples and may not reflect current listings. If the link leads to an error page, the link is in italics. It’s still included here to provide further examples of job types.
  • Please add jobs to this list. The sections can account for more than one job title because what one university or institution calls a job can be different than what another university or institution calls it, even if both jobs essentially perform the same duties. If no section matches the job to be added, a new section should be created.
  • This list is arranged alphabetically with a note of the types of institutions typically hiring for that type of job. Sections are not used because of the overlap of so many jobs would lead to a lot of duplicate entries. Additionally, any required degrees and whether it is a part or full-time position.
  • For real-time updates on OA-related jobs, some not yet reflected here, follow the tag of the Open Access Tracking Project.
    • Most of the jobs in this list were taken from the OATP. Some were taken from Google Searches and emails from fellow OA advocates.
  • Related lists in OAD: Jobs in open access. NOTE: This list no longer updated, but includes good examples of job ads that have been used to fill OA-related positions

Copyright Librarian/Advisor

This role may be full-time, or combined with other responsibilities (typically Scholarly Communications.) The candidate serves as an authority on copyright law, including its foundations and applications; works to organize and disseminate information on copyright law; and assists their organization in navigating copyright and licensing.

Curator of Digital Exhibits at a Museum

This normally full-time position works with authors, editors, and curators to develop content for the museum’s phone/tablet app, exhibition guides, audio/video scripts, and any other types of content that the museum displays. The role also ensures that item captions in the content management system are coded and categorized correctly. Additionally the position works with social media and other emerging technology trends to further the museum’s reach. Project management and other supervisory responsibilities may also be required in some museums.

  • Degrees Required: Graduate degree preferred. Bachelor’s degree in a field related to the museum’s mission. Experience can sometimes be combined with degrees to meet position requirements.
  • Institutions Offering Position:
  • Example Openings:

Digital Repository Librarian

This full-time job is often centered around both the hardware and software needed to make digital materials available. Common responsibilities include digitization of print materials, upgrading the web interface, and training staff and patrons on how to use the digital repository.

  • Degrees Required: None, however Computer Science would often increase the candidate’s chances for securing the job.
  • Institutions Offering Position: Academic Libraries, Organizations, Publishers
  • Example Openings:

Funding Assistant

This full-time position is responsible for helping the institution’s employees understand any and all government funding mandates. Additionally, the role is expected to give authors or other institution employees advice on how to proceed with publishing to a Gold OA. The position also monitors payments made to those Gold OAs by the institution.

  • Degrees Required: None listed in the job ads found however a degree in business of some sort seems like it would be more than useful.
  • Institutions Offering Position: Universities
  • Example Openings:

Manager of a Digitization Project or Data Project

This full time position is similar to the Digital Repository Librarian position above in that it is often centered around using and creating technology to make digital resources and data available. Candidates are often required to have a background in one of the following: library science, computer science, or research, with the ability to work in all three. Project management is an important skill for the position.

Metadata Officer

This position is full-time but fellowships are usually for a set term (with one year being the most common). The position works to extract metadata from documents in the institution’s repository and sets up technological workflows that can automate this extraction. The position is also often responsible for ensuring superior usability for the repository. Additionally, the position works to clear up any confusion between author and paper associations while making papers easily harvestable for other repositories.

Open Access Publisher or Editor

These full-time jobs entail managing a portfolio of journals. You may be responsible for editing articles or for raising the profile and quality level of the journal generally. This work can include developing business plans and working on new ways to reach potential customers. Travel and networking are large parts of the publisher job.

  • Degrees Required: A degree in the journal’s topic is preferable; in the example openings below, the life sciences are ideal
  • Institutions Offering Position: established journals and publishing houses, startup publishers
  • Example Openings

Open Data Campaigner/Open Access Outreach

This individual works as an ambassador for their organization’s Open Access/Data policies, representing their organization and communicating the benefits of Open Data to relevant parties.

  • Degrees Required: None, but knowledge of the field the position is in is helpful. In the example opening below, they ask for knowledge of web-based medical resources.
  • Institutions Offering Position: Open access publishers and advocacy groups
  • Example Openings

Policy Analyst

This full-time position monitors legislation for any Open Access policy developments and communicates them to the institution in a myriad of different mediums, such as web sites and social media. Additionaly, meetings and/or documentation on policies may be required.

  • Degrees Required: BA or BS (or relevant work experience)
  • Institutions Offering Position: Non-profit organizations
  • Example Openings

Research Data Analyst, Librarian, or Officer

This full or part-time position is responsible for the data in a repository in regards to both availability of the data and metadata on the data. Emphasis is also on the ability to extract or move data from different repositories, which requires strong project management skills. Digital stewardship and preservation are also stressed. Finally such research evaluation skills such as bibliometrics, citation, and altmetrics are sought.

  • Degrees Required: Usually, but not always a masters in library science.
  • Institutions Offering Position: Academic Libraries
  • Example Openings

Scholarly Communications Librarian

This full-time job is usually permanent position, but occasionally appears as a one-year appointment. It involves some digital repository maintenance, along with advising authors and the university on author’s rights and other intellectual property issues. It also usually involves working with stakeholders to ensure the repository is meeting needs and improving the repository along with some advertising. Other librarian duties, including advising students and teaching research, are also included.

Software Developer

This full-time role is devoted to creating, maintaining, and analyzing digital repository systems for Open Access content. This person typically collaborates with colleagues in other departments and with external parties and service providers to enhance access to content. The ability to remain abreast of technical trends and on the cutting edge of software development are crucial.

  • Degrees Required: Bachelor’s degree (or equivelant experience. See individual job postings for specifications.)
  • Institutions Offering Position: MIT Libraries, Princeton University, Harvard University
  • Example Openings

Web Developer

This full-time job may require building a repository for scholarly communication. It also requires web design experience and management skills, as you will often be working with a group of other programmers if you’re at a larger institution. It requires knowledge of web standards and design elements as well as how to use several programming languages and build responsive design.

  • Degrees Required: Usually a master’s or bachelor’s in computer science, but experience can sometimes be combined with education to make up for degrees.
  • Institutions Offering Position: Academic presses, scientific institutions, museums, large open access repositories
  • Example Openings

Wikipedian in Residence

The full or part-time position helps ensure the authority of Wikipedia entries that tie into an institution’s holdings. It also uploads public domain materials in an effort to further the institution’s mission of sharing knowledge with the widest audience possible. In addition to the quality of the data itself being improved, the position also focuses on improving the quality of the metadata.

  • Degrees Required: Varies, BA and/or MLS often listed
  • Institutions Offering Position: Archives, Libraries, Museums
  • Example Openings