Matching OA projects with programmers

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Oad2.jpeg This list is part of the Open Access Directory.

  • If you're an OA project in need of programming help, include the name of the project, the URL if any, the name of a contact person, and his/her email address.
  • If you're a programmer or programming team willing to donate time, include the name of a contact person and his/her email address.
    • Attention CS professors: If you're willing to give academic credit to students who undertake this kind of work, please bring this page to their attention.
  • OAD will not actively match projects and programmers. Instead, we'll let everyone review what's on offer and contact promising leads on their own.

OA projects in need of programming help

  • [Just started, no listings yet.]

Programmers willing to donate their time

  • [Just started, no listings yet.]